Massage therapy has been known as an efficient treatment for a wide range of stress-related diseases and other health issues for centuries, providing patients with the opportunity to improve their mood and control their stressful life in a better way. The evidence supporting the exceptional effects of massage has been showed several times throughout the past centuries, as many researchers intended to check whether our ancestors were right when claiming that massage constitutes a unique path to deep meditation.

In terms of benefits, massage therapy provides patients with efficient relief for many chronic diseases, injuries and stress, offering them the opportunity to relax their body and mind. Once your body and particularly your muscles manage to alleviate the tension that builds up throughout your modern lifestyle, your more oxygen will be pumped into vital organs and nutrients. Moreover, the flow of the lymph will improve substantially, strengthening body’s protection against potentially harmful toxic invaders; in addition to these benefits, patient’s body will also experience reduced cramps and spasms, increased joint flexibility, faster endorphin release, decreased discomfort, and many important benefits.

Since at least 80 or 90 percent of disease is stress-related, massage is obviously an excellent treatment for all of them, helping patients improve not only their mood, but also their health in general. Massage helps both body and mind to integrate within each other, producing a heightened awareness or meditative state of living in the present moment. Many experts and specialists recommend massage as an excellent path to a perfect balance between emotions and spirit, bringing relaxation and peace to the patient experiencing it.

It is obviously a wonderful thing when the massage therapist begins unwinding your stress-tightened muscles – the next moment, it seems like daily troubles begin to fade away gradually. There are several types of massage therapy, each one offering you different benefits and helping you relieve tension. It is needless to mention that an entire hour (or 60 minutes) of continuous massage can be simply miraculous, especially if it is performed by an experienced and skilled therapist.

What if one hour of holistic massage can help you combat cancer? What if your digestion, sleep and mood improve after only one hour of massage therapy? What if holistic massage can help you recover from different pathological states faster and better? The best part about massage therapy is that all these are not simple “What ifs,” but actual benefits that can help you get proper “medication” for all your needs, either emotional, mental or spiritual.

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